Little Howle Farm

Little Howle Farm, Howle Hill, Ross-on-Wye HR9 5SL

The Milking Parlour

For years this space has been used as a craft barn. We have adapted it slightly, but we can still offer group classes for various crafts at additional cost. If you have any particular craft you’d like to take part in whilst staying with us, please ask and we’ll try and arrange it for you.

We have added a bar area, complete with authentic tractor seat stalls and a ‘Time Please’ bell! The bar it is not stocked so guests would have to bring their own drinks.

The Milking Parlour is where we keep our table tennis table, table football, garden games, board games, puzzles and larger pre-school toys. It’s a great space to relax on a rainy day. (Only available when arranged with host)

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